I have often heard that by being patient we reveal our faith in God. In other words, impatient people don’t trust God.

I’d like top believe that a part of that statement may be true; as I’ve had my share of frustration when it comes to being patient. The part that I take umbrage with is the not trusting God aspect. After all, I live in a culture that emphasizes the now. Delaying gratification is not something that is valued in this age of technology and information. To me, this begs the questions as to whether impatience is a product of not trusting God, but more about keeping up with the Joneses.

You see, I love God and trust God…but how can that person get married before me? How can that person own a home before me? How can that person make more than me? How can that person own a house before me? How could God allow this person to get a recording deal?

You see, the point is that I can trust God, but I can’t trust myself when I’m busy comparing myself to everybody else. It goes back to God, when I forget to appreciate the unique qualities that God has given only to me.

And so patience must be redefined…perhaps God can help me define it.

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Day 2

A blog! Why don’t I start a blog to ramble and muse on things such as music, career stuff, general happenings and life observations??

That is what I’ll do!!

Today is the first day of this blog, but the second day of “Big Plans.” I love saying “big plans” as opposed to objectives or goals. It just seems to much more fun and MOTIVATING…and that is exactly what I’ve been doing for sometime.

I’ve been motivating myself to try a little bit harder…fight a little longer…run a little faster…and become the best me that I can be. Yes, it sounds a little cliché. But if we really think about life in general, it is so very easy to get into a rut where you’re just passively doing enough. With that comes the loss of zeal and enthusiasm for every day living…and it’s easy to forget the value of each 24 hour cycle that we are given. Isn’t life supposed to be more than going through motions?

In any event, it is day 7 at my new job/career…Day 2 of my diet that I’ll be blogging about here as well. I have a “big plans” to lose 50 pounds…and Day 1 of this blog.

BIG PLANS PEOPLE!! Make today count.

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